What are the top Classified Ads website in your area?

Do you have a go-to for classified ads in your area for buy and sell?

I know that here in Toronto, we love to Kijiji. It has been locally popular for quite some time now.

Let us know your area (state/province/city) along with your favorite Classified Ad Website!

Kijiji used to be my go to, but facebook groups are way more effective for buying and selling. On facebook you can see immediately who you are dealing with and chances of a sale/purchase are much greater. You can also target specific audiences on facebook, further increasing your efficiency. Kijiji is inundated with scammers, spammers and people who send endless emails and texts and then you never hear from them again when it comes down to sale day.

Hey @lockerboss!

Yes, I agree with you - Facebook groups are much more personal and interactive. It’s hard to buy or sell to strangers who you have to communicate through e-mail, or text or call you. Also, scammers and spammers like you mentioned, is absolutely a nuisance in any classified ads website. I know it comforts sellers and buyers when they see who they’re dealing with. Communication is key and I believe that Facebook groups deliver that better than Kijiji.

That’s great insight on ways to find or post efficient classified ads, a lot of people don’t know about the powers of Facebook groups!