Virgin lockers

If you don’t see them cut the lock how do you know they havent rummaged through it before they take the video? Or even afterwards.

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For some advice on this topic, please see this post:

We also have the answer to this question, and many other frequently asked questions in our FAQ:

Bid13 encourages every storage facility to film the cutting of a unit’s original lock. Sometimes this isn’t always possible, depending on local lien laws. Typically, a facility will cut the lock nearly immediately upon a tenant being one pay period overdue and replace the lock with their own lock. They do this to prevent the tenant from breaking in to their own unit, without paying their overdue rent. The lien process can take several months, and a number of certified letters, phone calls are required before the unit is legally available for auction. When that time arrives, the facility will finally film the unit. This is why not every facility will appear to cut the lock in the video.

Please keep in mind that you should always bid based on the value of the items that are visible in the video and photos. Do not bid on what might be hidden in the back of the unit that you can not see. If you stick to this basic rule, you will always succeed at storage auctions, because anything else you find in the unit will be pure profit. It is when you gamble on what might also be in the unit that you run the risk of not turning a profit on that storage locker.