Vehicle purchase?

i know this is a sketchy subject. bidding on a vehicle at a storage auction.
ive done some research and know i need the vin number to search up and possible leins.
but when it comes down to the vehicle its self. i have contacted the facility to inquire about the vin number and was told they will find out if they are allowed to give me the vin. besides the vin, am i allowed to physically visit the facility to look at this vehicle, inside or just outside the vehicle? i forsee the auction possily going over 8k so id like to sort of be safe and make sure the tranny and/or engine is not blown and has no structural damage. i mean why else would someone abandon a possibly 15k vehicle at an auction right?
i also will contact mto to see what the process is for ownership transfer
any info would help

What state you in or are you in Canada

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sorry, ontario Canada

This is what is ruining the auctions. You should not be aloud inside, for nothing. These places rip you are. I have a suit against another storage auction site now…
Private loveless are the worst and I won’t bid no more on them. You win and they say, “we pulled the auction”
All because ethyl didn’t get a high price. Then they move stuff around and do it all over again.
What do these places do if the owners come back and pay and you went through and stole theIr stuff.