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Why are the storage companies allowed to cancel a unit then repost it the next morning ? I can only assume it’s not bringing the amount they want so the unit gets cancelled… multiple times. This is purely a scam for more money and why does bid13 allow it ? Yes I have emailed bid13, yep absolutely no response…STOP THE SCAMMING IRS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO FAIR OR RIGHT ON ANY LEVEL !!!

Hi Freightliner1557,
This isn’t actually true. We did respond to your email and as we explained in the email, at times facilities make mistakes with their lien process. Auctions often need to end on very specific dates to match notices that were sent out to the tenant. In the case you enquired about the tenant notice date did not match the auction ending date, so the facility cancelled the unit and relisted it with the correct end date. I completely understand why this is frustrating to you as a bidder who is participating in the auction, but we must follow the correct legal process with all our auctions, which includes allowing facilities to correct the end dates of their auctions should a mistake like this happen.


I have given bid13 enough evidence that an investigation is supposed to be going on. If the units don’t bring enough they will cancel it and hand bid13 any reason and you believe it…The whole stop n store Toledo, Oregon, Sylvania are all owned by one company. Units get cancelled when the site is closed and then they claim oh the customer paid their bill…How does a customer pay their bill when the business is closed ? This is not by any means the first time I have dealt with this very same issue. Too many oh we made a mistake, cancelled unit, reposted next day , just to be cancelled again when the business is not even open…good try though !