There is only one reason

There is only one reason they wouldn’t film the locks being cut. I mean I get it your owed moneys and your trying to recover it any way possible I understand that but you guys could at least be real about it because if you ask me your no different from the people who stiffed you your not being upfront with the bidders I talked to a friend of mine he lost his unit and tried to buy it back and he told me he never bothered to bid on it because the pictures of the auction was NOT how he left his unit that’s all the proof I will ever need to know how you guys operate and no I’m not going to give you his name or unit number because its a waste of time and you dam well know it but really it’s too bad you guys would be getting way more for these units if everyone wasn’t so sketchy about all the shit the hear about these auctions and again that’s proof enough for me but I’m sure there all just lying right because they have so much to gain with all the shit I have heard it’s amazing someone hasn’t stepped in to regulate you guys your nothing more than common thieves breaking the very laws that was put in place to make this legitimate you should be ashamed you know who you are and I want to be clear here I see nothing wrong with bid13 here they can’t babysit everyone but you guys could do a little more ie. Make sure the lock cutting is filmed with no cuts until the tag is put on and make sure the tag is being put on properly and locked that’s a good start have a nice day and good luck bidders the only thing you can do is not expect anything more then you can see and you will never go wrong.