The previous owner called me!

I feel like this was wrong in so many ways. I won a bid last Wednesday and I FINALLY got ahold of the storage place on Sunday. Today I got a call from the previous leaser of the unit and THE STORAGE OWNER gave her my phone number! She was asking if I could possibly give her this and that back. Hey @BID13, do you not have some sort of privacy clause where this is absolutely unacceptable!? Now she is asking to meet me at the storage. I feel I’m caught in a bad situation! Please email me at and explain what I should do in this bizarre situation

Geez that’s uncomfortable . What did you end up doing ? I wouldnt meet them in person .
Maybe just drop some items off at the storage facility that were sentimental , so they can pick up later on .

I understand your point. You shouldn’t be put in that situation unless you want to be there. The buyer of one of our units said he likes to reach out to the previous owner and give them stuff. Personal items and cloths, shoes that you couldn’t sell you may not mind giving back.

It’s eye opening to me to hear your concern. It is a difficult situation if you don’t want to see the previous owner because all the Storage facility owner wants is all the stuff gone. Dropping it off for later is a problem for the owner.