Why can I no longer place bids,sent in a message

Same here. I contacted service people. They told me they banned me cause I had multiple accounts. I only had one account. I made my first account I got 2 lockers. I did everything legit.

My account stopped working about the same time as yours did.

Did you get your account back? Did it get unbanned? I bought two units a couple days ago and went to bid and I got a message saying my account was banned.

Nope they’re garbage like that. Banned A fam member and my friend instantly. Idk how tf my friend got banned

You were both banned for creating multiple accounts to evade previous bans. Using the previous accounts you abandoned units which you had bid on, and did not fully empty their contents. We have a zero tolerance policy about this, and that is why you are banned. This is outlined in the terms of service which you agreed to when you signed up.

Your ban was lifted, you were automatically banned when your buyer’s fee failed, but now that you have cleared that your account has been unbanned.

My friend has nothing to do with me. Also I already explained the situation but they don’t care cause the website is ass and don’t make exceptions. The locker had literal shit stains, white sticky shit, pee on 50% of all the clothes, all were MCC tags on the stuff and cockroaches dead and alive on that stuff. Each garbage dump costed me 109$ to throw it away and it cleared basically nothing. I knew I wasn’t gonna make profit I knew I was basically gonna end up paying over a grand just to throw the garbage away. Who in the right mind would willingly throw a thousand dollars into the dump anyone else with common sense would just abandon the unit and take the 300$ cleaning deposit loss and the cost of the locker I didn’t make back . Certainly wasn’t going to spend another 6 hours cleaning it and dropping a grand to throw it out. I understand the rules and I’ve bought many lockers before it, bought 2 lockers after I’ve done it. They should’ve made an exception, a warning or just ban me from Vancouver and not all the lockers in every fucking facility other than Abbotsford which normally has trash.

Your “friend” doesn’t really exist, and is just a pseudonym that you signed up with. I wasn’t born yesterday.

As is where is. This is the name of the game. You gamble on what you bid on, some lockers are trash, some have diamond rings in them. Would you reimburse the facility if you made more off the locker than you paid for it? NO. So why should you be reimbursed when you make less? As you still can’t grasp the concept of as is where is, it seems like a good thing to me that you remain banned.

This is a violation of our terms of service and another reason you would get banned. Again, you seem to have not read our terms of service. By placing a bid you agree to the contractual obligation of emptying the entire unit contents, regardless of the condition of the contents.

Maybe you’re full blown retarded, abused as a kid maybe bullied in highschool. Maybe that’s why you’re so triggered. Nobody here would willingly give up an extra grand when they know they’ll already lose money. I know hard concept to grasp. Spent 6 hours cleaning, know you’ll lose coupl hundred. Do you wanna come back and spend another 6 hours plus lose a grand or cut the losses. Also clearly born yesterday since the friend that I had asked to make the account and make me his alternative pick up and we go 50/50 on the lockers is very much real given all his information is different from mine. But your right dumbass it’s a fake account I got a new number, new address, new email, new MasterCard and name just to make myself an alternative pick up. It’s okay that’s about the dumbest fucking accusation I’ve ever heard of. 100% real and he did nothing wrong but list me as a pickup and y’all deleted him. Also I see no exception here or warning every locker before and after van was done properly. Every facility probably enjoyed my company and small conversations and see no reasoning behind defaulting on a Vancouver locker makes surrey locations and others I haven’t been too suddenly close me off. Makes me think not even a real admin working for the company but someone just bitter at home during covid trying to take their frustrations out on someone from a safe distance.

The damage deposit is not a cleaning service fee, and treating it as such is a violation of our terms of service.

It’s a good thing he’s banned then because if he wins another unit it means you will show up to the facility, which we obviously do not want. The ban system is working as intended.

Banned users attempt this type of ban evasion on a daily basis, this is why our system is quite advanced at detecting ban evasion, and why you were caught when you tried.

Please re-read our terms of service.

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Lol what a sad life you live kid . If anyone willingly forfeits 1 grand instead of the 300 just shows how retarded one is. Cry me a River bitch