Storage fraud!

So I bought a storage I was the winner I went there. I told him if they could keep my $40 deposit and throw the remaining in the trash. so I went and I cleaned the storage out of the good stuff and left garbage behind. I went to the front desk they said they’ll keep my $40 deposit and throw the remaining trash in the bin I come back a few days later it’s been put back up on auction as a lien that’s so unprofessional no respect for bid13 buyers They expected to make some more money on trash that’s illegal. Here are some of the videos and pictures I contacted the bid13 they took down the ad. Be careful. Some of these storage auction units are trash and garbage. Already cleared by bidders not only that they re-staged the unit, pretending that it’s a brand new cut lock but it wasn’t. It’s supposed to be nobody going in the unit but the highest bidder they are tricking you guys be cautious

Hey thanks for the info .
Why was your deposit so small only $40?
Did you find anything good in the unit ?
Yeah reposting as a lien is misleading if that’s what happened .

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Yes, I found a laptop camera , classic Barbie dolls skates and the rest was just garbage literally just all clothes and ripped up clothes and a broken countertop. The deal was for them to keep my deposit and throw everything in trash but they decided to put it back on the site and saying that it’s a lien misleading, everybody on the website don’t trust that facility.they selling you there junk so you can clean it they taking us for a joke

Oh ok . Yeah that sucks . They should have listed it as a non lien afterwards atleast . Good the unit ad was taken down though . I’ve also seen units go up for auction after someone has won one and rummaged through it . Nice that you caught it before someone paid for garbage .

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We all need to help each other out and look out for this kind of stuff

Yeah good job . Nice to keep each other aware . Nobody wants a unit that’s already been rummaged through by a previous buyer .

Just saw it’s posted as a non lien now which is good they fixed it . :+1:t2: