Storage auction bidders vets

The real truth . If you’re wanting to jump in this game a lot of work very hard Can’t b scared of The vermits everything Guarantee you, I’m a vet found live snakes. Even Live mice Dead mice and dead rats but me personally. I blame that on the management location. The DM because the control of pests. Should be at a level of. Doing it seriously.
Minimal 2 times a month. It’s so ridiculous. Make me understand because that makes no sense that the pest control is beyond Ridiculous, you get paid loads of money for rentals so why not keep your customers happy You’re renters…
Still same old excuse it’s the renters that bring food in…lol what bought the ones with 0 Food in units n get there items screwed up…PEST CONTROL NEEDED ON CONSISTENT BASIS !!

Good luck to knew buyers Have fun n njoy Hunt :wink:

You found live snakes in a unit ? Where did you find them ? in an aquarium in unit ? in a garbage bag ?