Staged or put together units

I am looking at a unit that has some collectibles in it but in the pictures record albums can be seen displayed and out of a crate next to them on the floor. Also some of the items are across the thresh hold of the door entering the unit. I was under the impression that the seller could not enter the units fully, just reach in to take pictures. Am I off on this?

I think its done all the time. Saw one the other day with a bunch of dolls literally on display in the unit. In boxes, propped up on chairs and bags, etc.
I didnt think they were allowed to go into the units either, but some of the pics I see can only be taken if they were inside the unit. I avoid both of these. Let someone else take the chance.

It just seems to me that whatever was in these has been removed and not worth even looking at. I would think its a violation of sellers guidelines. Is there a way of reporting it and if so, to who?

Did you end up buying the unit ?

Some are tampered with and some are just the locker unit owner coming back to rummage through their stuff and pulling out certain items needed to keep or sell .