Staged in Ohio Why are they allowed to do this?

Hi folks,
I am new to the Storage Locker game. I have bought 3 lockers from the same company in Southeast Ohio and they were all legit lockers, The owner is a great guy and I am not talking about his auctions.

I have seen several other Ohio auctions that don’t seem to be what I understood this site was about.
Why does the site provide lock seals to put on the locker if the storage company is going through the locker before making the video? I keep seeing auctions where they don’t cut the lock on video, they just start the video of everything open and moved around. It seems like they are staging the locker. Is this ok with Bid13??

Hi there! Welcome to the site and to storage bidding!

Bid13 does recommend that facilities film the cutting of the lock, but it is not required. Some locks take much longer to cut, which can eat into the video time used to see the contents. We also take staging and moving of contents inside the locker very seriously. If you have seen, on video, facilities touching or moving things inside the lockers, please provide us with the links to these auctions at, and we will investigate further.

Also please note that we do allow non-lien auctions of the facility’s property on our site as well, but it will always be properly listed as such.