Previous owner

I just got a call from the storage facility and then a call from Bid13. The previous owner of a unit I just bid on, won and cleaned out was apparently in the hospital. He wants to get a few items.
Any suggestions?

Depends what they are, I guess. When I find things like family pictures I anonymously send them to the most recent address I can find for the person (there’s always been something in the unit with the owner’s name and address at the time), and I’d probably do the same for other personal items if they reached out to me provided it wasn’t one of the main things I bought the unit for.

So yeah, I’d probably accommodate them provided they could tell me specifically what they want and they weren’t things I considered essential to the value of the unit. There would be no just coming by and going through everything, though. If they forgot something was in there it wasn’t very important to them in the first place.

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