Presentation of the units

Hello. I am wanting to address the quality of presentation of the storage unit auctions on this site. I think everyone would agree that there should be some standard requirements for the storage facilities in regards to the videos and pictures used for the auctions. I have used multiple other sites for the same purpose and this one is consistently lacking in displaying any quality pictures or videos for the bidders to reasonably assess the units. It’s ridiculous when 4 out of 6 pictures are of the units closed door and the video is blurred, shaky, and too short to see anything with the ability to know what was in the unit. Please, please address this because it’s really not that hard to take better pictures and videos. My 2 year old niece does a better job than the majority of the storage facilities do. Simply impose some minimal requirements for the content that is used to display the contents of the units so that we know what we are bidding on.