Positive experience

So I won a unit, rented a truck and trailer and headed to the facility. When staff opened the door, we found many of the items missing. Like a LOT of items missing. When they cut the lock, they open the door, take a few pics, close the door and put one of their facility locks on it and dont touch it again. Video records showed that the night after the locker was posted for auction, someone got into it with a key and cleaned out all the good stuff.
Sure, there was still stuff in there, but definitely not what I bid on. Anyways, kudos to James Snow Self Storage in Milton for refunding ALL of my money and letting me have everything that was in the locker for free. And Kudos to Bid13 also for refunding my buyers premium, since there was no actual sale.
Nice to know there are still good businesses out there.

Hi there! Thank you for the positive feedback. This sort of unfortunate situation happens very rarely, considering we deal with facilities all over North America, but I’m glad our/the facility’s handling of it was satisfactory.