Hello. Superior Storage I’m Fond Du Lac. My storage unit went for Auction because I could not afford the last months and I went to pay and found out it was auctioned here. I have had the unit for years because I have not been able to move some of the things myself. I moved 2 weeks before Covid hit. Then I tried to move to small unit and had cleaned it and had everything out but ice storm hit so I had to put all garbage things back in there. I reaching out to see if anyone bought unit from Superior storage. There were some sentimental items like fishing poles of my dad that we used and then a box of pictures and poems and such I wrote was a child. I am wondering if anyone on here bought it and can I buy those items
Back. I left a 5 bedroom house to move to apt so that is why I had unit and just trying to get stuff out but I had to do it in loads with dolly etc. those items are irreplaceable and I am just hoping the person sees this and has not thrown that out and would be willing to sell me back the sentimental items to me and hopefully did not throw them away yet. If you are person and willing to do this. please contact me at (920) 933-2645