Non lien/ Manager's special

I am looking to get a clear description/ guidlines/ outline for non lien/ manager’s special units. I cant seem to find one anywhere on the site. All I can find is an unclear description that has a lot of room for fraud. Are the storage facility owners allowed to fill storage units with whatever items they want and auction it off as a non lien/ manager special? That includes personal items and Items from there other businesses? I dont think it should be allowed if so. I will never buy a unit from the last facility I bought from. The storage facility owner also owns a hobby, antique and vintage shop that happens to be located right in front of the storage facility he owns. It’s actually the first thing you see when pull up. The unit we had purchased was filled with broken incomplete hobby items. I know we take risk when bidding on these units. You never know what you’re going to get. Were gambling… taking a risk… but I honestly dont think storage facility owners should be allowed to fill storage units with there personal items. If I knew the contents of the unit belonged to the storage facility owner I wouldve never bid. If I knew the storage owner owned more businesses especially like this owner who owns a business on the same property as the storage facility that happens to be a retail type store that sells hobby Antique and vintage items I definitely would never even waist my time browsing auctions they list. I think its fraud. Theres other online auction sites available for people to use if they want to get rid of there personal items. I thought non lien managers specials were units filled with items people left behind after moving out of there unit and or items people donated and such. I thought wrong. It seems to me those units are filled with trash that the facilities dont want to pay to dispose of so they stage the units so they can make money off of junk. My suggestion to all Bidders would be to scroll past every unit listed as a non lien managers special. Dont waist your time and money.

Hi Biggiebspokane,

Please check your email. We have sent you some information regarding this matter, thank you for bringing it to our attention.

Sorry for the delay in response. We will take you up on your offer for the refund on buyers fee.
I am still unclear about manager special/ non lien units. Can you please clarify the rules and guidelines when it comes to those units.

I noticed that Bob’s storage has a unit listed again. It’s the same unit. They just staged a bunch of junk in it again. You can tell everything was touched recently from all the finger prints and also compare the unit picture to that of the one I won and you’ll notice its the same unit. . A lot of the boxes in there have trash. Or at least they were in our unit.
He owns a garage door business as well as the storage business and he has a hobby antique shop on the same lot. Throughout my my research I found that about a year ago bob announced he would be selling off inventory from the store and closing doors for good. We saw the store when we went down to empty the storage unit and the store was packed full. I’m sure he is using your auction site to sell off all the junk one or two units at a time. Staging the items each time. I dont think it’s right at all. That type of auction selling should be done under a different company, different platform and different type of sale. Like online garage sale, estate sale, business liquidation or regular online auction. When people bid through online storage auctions they ARENT bidding with the mindset that someone hand picked and placed each item in the unit with intentions if it being auctioned.
I dont believe bob has listed a single unit that wasn’t filled with his items. I see this as fraud. He is taking advantage of your company, selling platform and the buyers by conducting sales in this way.
I will not bid on any units from Bob’s in lewiston but I will bid on Other units from your site.
Thank you,
Adam Bakonyi
( Emily Taylor

Just don’t bid on manager. Specials. Only lein lockers and look for dust on stuff and boxes looking opened or even foot prints all signs of stuff being gone through it doesn’t take long to get good at seeing rippoffs.

hes since moved to a different auction site but doing the same stuff there it seems. I’ve been tempted to bid on a couple even non lien ones but even they just seem sketchy… some dusty stuff then new box with no dust for 800 dollar item… like ya ok… no dust on it nothing… buy units a bit you can get a feel for sketchy ones live and online. good job reporting it and thanks bid13 for taking it serious

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