New local consignment auction in Windsor

Hi all,

I am currently working on opening the only local consignment auction selling anything and everything! The business will claim 25% of all sales while consignor gets the rest. Each product will have it’s own lot and will only be combined when they either run for a week and doesn’t sell or when its a bunch of smaller parts that are all nearly the same (hardware lots) From my observation, there are no local online consignment auctions anywhere in the city! The only ones I know about are Auctionhaeus that only sells store returns and OSA that is 20 miles away in Lakeshore so unless you want to spend $100+ on a UHaul since OSA thinks you should spend money to drive to them to sell your stuff. Unlike OSA, I prefer to not make it hard on my sellers. I am also looking for partners as I am sure I am not able to do it all on my own! I have already rented out storage space for product. Business is still in it’s infancy.