Need help!

This is an incredibly long shot but we are desperate. After reading some of the other discussions in this forum, I see that this is a scenario that is more common than I would have thought.
We are looking for NorthStar2022 from the Smithers, BC area. They purchased items from an auction from the prince george makespace storage unit. There is only one item that we are looking for that has no monetary value but very, very much sentimental value.
There are many variables at play that resulted in this situation happening and this storage company selling off items that they didn’t have the grounds to do so. That is a lawsuit in making but in the meantime, this is a time sensitive matter and we are doing everything we can to find this person so we can attempt to buy back the item we are looking for.
I must clarify to the person who has purchased these items. We don’t care about the rest if it. We only want one thing from the lot. It holds no value except sentiment.
Please, please help if you can.