Minimum bids?

So, I bid $25, someone out bid me at $26, I tried to up my bid and got the message that $10 was the minimum…wtf?

This happens when someone has a Proxy Bid. Basically if there is an auction that starts at $10.00, I can make a proxy bid of $75.00, I then am winning at $10.00. If you bid $20.00, I automatically am winning at $21.00, you bid again at $31.00, my bid wins at $32.00, you bid at $42.00, I’m at $43.00, you bid at $53.00, I win at $54.00… This goes until your bid beats my Proxy bid of $75.00. Hope this helps.

i see this as well, i was winning at 331 for like 3-4 mins then out bid at 332, not a proxy bid and see it a bunch of times today where someone else gets to bid $1 more then my current high winning bid

Just raise it by $10. If you were to raise a dollar by dollar the bidding would go on all night.

what were trying to figure out is how people are bidding up by $1 not on a proxy bid

its not fair if im winning at 350 and someone else then gets to bid 351, then i have to bid 361

Everyone is betting minimum $10 but when they beat your bid and win the auction it will show the lowest amount over the last person bid . So if you bid $11 then they have to bid minimum $10 raise it would be at $21, but if they win that auction it would be at $12 because that was the highest they had to go to outbid you and win. You don’t have to outbid yourself but there is a minimum $10 raise .

correct we get that there is a 10 min raise,

today i bid $21 on a locker, few mins later i was out bid by $1 ($22) not that the auction was over because i bid again ( $10 Min) to $32. and again a few mins later the next bidder was the high bid at $33

So when you bid $21, the other guy bid $10 so he’s at $21-$31 but only needed the $22 to beat you . So for you to beat him again you’ll have to bid past his max $31 bid . Let’s say the winning bid is $100 and you have to bet $110 minimum but if you win it you’ll get it for $101. Your bet is a $101-110 span but will win on your lowest amount need to win auction . Same as a proxy bet. It’s not that complicated

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“This auction has a minimum bid increase of $10.00,” right when you bid this is what it says,

so if im winning at 10 the next bid must go to 20 then i would bid 30 and so on.
were not talking about proxy bids here just so were on the same page

now what were seeing it " i bit 10, next person bids 11 meaning it only went up by $1 not $10 like it says

Ok if the locker winning bid is at 50 and you make a minimum 10 bid and win, you’ll get it for 51.

no, id win it for 60, id be paying $60 pluses taxes and fees on $60 which was my bid.

I don’t know how else to explain it if you but the bidding system is fair once you understand it .
Maybe someone else could help.

ok let me see if im understanding you. its just you and me bidding on a unit. you make first bid of $10, I then make a bit of $20 ( min $10 bid) at which your next bid would have to be $30. You dont want to bid any higher so I win the unit. are you saying I win it for $11?

if so why am I paying takes and fees on $20?

At this point im not saying your right or wrong, Im trying to understand your point of view so i can understand how im getting outbid by $1 multiply times in an auction

Yes exactly . If the unit was at $10 and then you bid to $20 ($10+$10min bid) and you won . You would win it for $11. So to the other person it would look like they lost by a dollar.

then why am i paying taxes and fees on $20?

Not sure, I never noticed that happening .

i have half figured it out. bidding starts you place a max bid of $30. current bid shows its at $10 so i then bid $20, but your max bid is 30 so it bumps you up to $21. i now understand this. on other platforms if it was the same it would just bump my $20 bid and put you in at $20.

but i have also seen where im the winning bid which means no one has a higher max bid then someone comes in and starts winning it for $1 more then my bid

all in all the bid13 platform has so many flaws and just trying to master each one so im not loosing out on units

Right on Atleast some of it makes sense :+1:t2: