Looking for sports cards

Hey, if anyone looking to get ride of there sports cards that they find in storage lockers or even at home let me know just started collecting…thanks for your time.

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I have a collection of 220000 NBA NHL NFL MLB cards and complete sets never opened I have a 4" thick album of Gretzky cards Allstars from every league multiple.cards of the best players in each league. Micheal jordan A10 22 carot signatured card this collection is overwhelming and to me I have lung cancer with never be able to organize with my time left all cards are A8A9 or A10 if they were graded. There is easily 500,000 to 1,000,000. Or more value also included 2 tin cases of yugiyuh cards and magic and Pokémon cards included my price is. $ 45,.000.00 to you

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I would love to sell your collection for you.
I am a collector also so just seeing the cards would make my day but getting you a much better price than 45,000…to spend on whatever YOU want.

I have a briefcase full. Has all sorts of different cards. Even star wars, grease hockey baseball

Hi, I have couple of hundreds of those. NBA, NFL, mostly new releases 2021+. DM me if interested.

I have lots of sports cards, batman sets, garbage pail kids and more.

@HandyAndy253, I would be interested in the Garbage Pail Kids cards if you still have any? Most interested in Series 1 through Series 3 cards. Am buying now if the pricing is reasonable. Also interested in any US Coins and Currency, old or new, graded or not, all denominations. Change jars/jugs and pocket change included! Additionally, I would offer a premium for old original bankrolls of pennies from 1984 and older preferred, but will buy from 1995 and older. Feel free to message me with what you have available, I am located in Southern California and pay either Cash or PayPal.

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I have some cards i would like to part w. I have a lot I think

Looking for hockey cards plz text 519-731-9393

I have some garbage pail kids cards

North liberty Indiana, boxes of boxes of baseball cards NewFong@mail.com let’s talk.