Kept Deposit for being 4 hours after the 48 hours

Spokane ABC Storage on Highway 2 kept my $200 Deposit on a unit for being 4 hours after the 48 hour cutoff. I have purchased over 25 units, never had an issue before being over a few hours.

Did you find anything good inside the unit ?

Not really… At least I didn’t actually “find” anything, it was a very small unit, everything that was in it could be seen in the pictures, I had already stressed the value by bidding $176. But the Wrought Iron shelf turned out to be in excellent condition and authentic 1950’s, as well as the 40x45 1950’s-60’s original painting, I haven’t had the Vintage Trunk appraised yet, but it has the insert, although it was empty. The rest of the items were either of low value, or damaged. Some of the Damage can be fixed, the mirror would be an easy fix and an easy $100. The shelf I have listed at $200 and the large painting $300, add in $100 for the Trunk… It was a nice hit at $176, but a little less so at $400+ with the $200 deposit and the fees, especially once im forced to come down on prices, like $50 trunk, $100 shelf, $100 painting, $50 mirror.

I forgot to mention the Midea medium sized mini fridge, I am keeping that, $75 value, cleaned and de-stickered.

I’ve never sold any paintings I’ve found . Do you have somewhere you take them to sell easier?
Yeah too bad , sounds like it would have been a descent locker if you didn’t get burned by the deposit lost .