Is it me or are locker prices crazy!

I have seen two lockers in last week gor for $10,000 (for two safes in an 3x5) and a 5x5 barely full of crap tools for $1,000… none of which either will make money.

Anybody else see same… been doing this for 5 years successfully but last 12 months no money to be made in the lockers due to the prices, taxes and fees!

Hey yeah I saw those two huge safes sell for around $10K and the 5x5 sell for around $800.
I also have noticed ppl bidding way too high lately for lockers . Maybe it’s new ppl and they will probably lose interest anyways if they keep over paying for lockers . Just have to wait them out .

I used to buy lockers weekly, now I’m lucky to get 1 ever couple months. No money in it these days. Hope you are right, see if some of these over spenders get out soon.

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To many newbs running ttt he e bids up