Interesting Items we have stumbled across

So I am quite new to this site, but my man, myself and a couple of our friends buy and sell a lot of items. We’ve got everything from antique books, bayonets, spats, new stuff like interactive whiteboards, and hats, we even have binders full of pokemon cards, tons of women’s pumps, jackets and China, tvs, New and old game consoles and a whole bunch more random things. Not sure if this is somewhere to post this, but I figured it’s worth a shot. I guess comment here if you’re looking for something, and I’ll comment with a list of what we have that you’re asking for and any other related items. Cheers! MJ


Id be interested in the trading cards

Grymtooth how many cards would you be wanting, and are there specific ones? How do we talk off of this forum? Email or text?

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715 323 7899 anyone that has cards feel fre to text me.

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Hey bud, I’m interested in any US Coins and Paper Currency. Jars/jugs of change and any rolled coinage, especially older original bank rolls, all denominations. Just want to cash in your change, but don’t want to roll it up or pay 13% to Coinstar? Hit me up! I will pay 100% of the total face value for US coins, you cover shipping only. Also will buy small to medium collections of US Coins and Currency with total collection values under $10k US. If unsure of your collection value, I can provide appraisal services along with a total cash offer on collections within my meager budget that will be more than the 30-60% of actual value a coin shop out there will typically insult you with!
Message me every time you find Coins in a storage unit and want to cash in!

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Cosa hai di antiquariato?
Invia qui le foto


I’d be interested in seeing the old video game consoles you can message me 7472130803 thanks have a good day, and congrats on the find :+1:

Any COMICBOOKS contact me please. Dan 6193687975 text messages preferred then a follow up call. Ty

Where are you located