Hello. I am trying to locate username SpongeBob who purchased a storage unit I believe unit 40 from a Muskegon storage unit it was a Plus storage where unit 40 was bought it’s very important if anybody knows or if you yourself are username SpongeBob who purchased this auction unfortunately my sister was the previous owner she was extremely ill still is and I guess completely forgot about calling to make arrangements on her storage now stuff happens oh well fair is fair not arguing that there is a lot of nice stuff that was in there she’s not even worried about that hoping to maybe buy back some more sentimental things a few pictures of her kids a couple stuffed animals you know little tiny stuff like that not asking for a handout because what’s fair is fair but if you could please contact me and maybe even let me know maybe you’ve already gotten rid of everything I’m not sure or if there’s any way we can meet and maybe discuss some pricing options and the few things that she would really like to get back that would be amazing I’m going to go ahead and put my phone number down here please text me 231-571-0924 until then I will be praying.