" I'm banned!? "

… Hey all, so I’ve tried to login, and I guess I’m " Banned " ??. I have bid, but never won yet, how am I banned? . Idk. Has this happened to you?? Jw.

I just got banned from accesss storage through this bid 13 site cause I won a locker. But can’t make it home in time to ge tit in the time frame. As I’m outta town for work. The facility themselves I asked for the 10 days till I get home. They said I’d have to default and leave to next in line. Ok. So I said fine. But now. This bid 13 site banned me from any auctions at this facility! Like wtf?!!?!

Why did you bid on a locker when you were out of town for 10 days ?


To be honest, this is on you! You should have had other people pick up your shit when you were out of town! Like I have always said, stupidity is no excuse!

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