How to sell HQ items from 2 lockers ... not a blind sale?


My ex-wife and I have 2 lockers with high quality items we want to sell. These are things we thought we might keep for ourselves after moving, but now we realize we don’t have room in our new condos.

Items include things like 60 inch Samsung 4k TV in perfect condition, table saw, brand new Ikea kitchen island, couch, chair, king memory foam bed, and more.

We are looking for people who might be interested in coming in to bid on everything as 1 big group. Happy to show the items before the bid, but we don’t want to sell items individually due to the hassle of trying to do that from a locker.

If anyone has a suggestion or is interested in talking about this, let us know. My email is and the lockers are located in the Toronto Beaches.