This is getting ridiculous, I can NOT be the only person who sees these pictures and can tell the unit clearly been ransacked?!?! I mean not only does it suck because we probably lost some good items but now it’s way dirtier and harder to clean up. None of the videos show people cutting locks and opening the unit consecutively, there is always that little beak in between where the stuff is being gone through, I mean cmon who really packs their unit with garbagr bags full of clothes just thrown all around it?? Never in my life have a I met anyone who takes garbage bags full of c loathes and just dumps them in their unit,

So I got a unit that had garbage in box an garage plastic bins. No lock on the unit. As well the manger refused to show me or even storage treasures prove of a lien. Nobody would put garbage in U-Haul boxes… oh an what the manger do when I ask questions in a nice manner they ban me from their auctions.

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Where are you at? I just had this happen to me no lock on the unit when me an the manger walked up to the unit. An they banned my from bidding on their auctions this was on storage treasures tho. They did not even have a Lien on file with the web site storage treasures.

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I like in more and more pictures you can see other people in the unit LOL. Not to mention and picture that’s taken half way in a 20 ’ unit !!!

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I had this happen as well, in St, Albert, Alberta at the mini mall storage. They did not put all the details they knew about into the description, they took only a couple pictures so when I arrived I wasn’t prepared to haul away something that was going to take a 6’man crew to move. So they got me again when I made arrangements to rent the unit. There is no way I could clean in out in the allotted time (I thought), as I started to clean the unit out it was box after box of garbage, broken furniture, broken glass everywhere and cases of adult diapers. No way, people don’t pay to store stuff like this. It was a staged scam is what it was! They got me for over $400 and that is not happening again and I am not paying to haul away their garbage and diapers!

So I am a new facility owner and can already respond to a few of the comments in this thread. I’ve yet to do an auction, but am setting up for some upcoming ones.

  1. It takes sometime a ridiculous amount of time to get a lock cut off, so that is my guess why that’s typcially not in the video. If you want to watch my with a cut off wheel for 2-5 minutes, I suppose I could include that, but often a facility is cutting off the lock long before it is going to auction to verify a tennant who is extremely deliquent has not already vacated.
  2. YES. People do pay to store a bunch of trash bags, specifically people who are not intending on paying or coming back. It’s Unbelievable to me, but dont blame that on the facility.
  3. YES. Many of the units we have looked into look completly ransacked.

Now my assumption is there could be a large number of not ethical facility managers or owners out there, but I know that’s not always the case, but it could appear like we did what this thread has suggested. Just my observations thus far…


I agree. I manage a facility and often times it is a ransacked, chaotic, CRAZY -and they never intended on coming back. If we WERE allowed to look in stuff or TOUCH anything at all, it would make it better to identify the trash. We couldnt possibly be able to know what the unit contains when we open the door. I agree with the former commenter that it does take a long time to cut off a lock if you are grinding or drilling and most newer facilities now have the cylinder type locks that require drilling. That being said, we video from the lock cut to the security tag where we are. Any of my employees would be FIRED if anything was touched whatsoever. I dont understand how a facility would be able to list a lien unit and alter the contents anyways- the customer can pay out right up until the auction time if they wanted- what would a facility say then if they were to have ransacked and taken whatever? My suggestion would be to make sure the unit looks just like when the video was taken when you open it and if not call it with the manager there at that time. And if it is full of garbage that’s the risk you take. Read the comments too to see if others had similar experiences there. Good luck in the future!

I just watched a video in hb2 Locker that they obviously went into the locker and moved items around two captured on video that way they can increase the bidding if it’s something worth money like in this video it showed the back of a solid piece of wood or something but then they pull it away from the wall and there’s art work on it which would increase the value enormously of that item and receiving higher bids on the unit.

I won an auction of what looked like 13 boxes all the same. Could not tell what’s in them. When I got to the storage facility I said to my partner its probably toilet paper in them since that’s what size the boxes were. The person working said no its face masks. Now how the hell would he know it was face masks when you can’t see that from the pictures they took?

Did you ask that? There is no good reason why they would know. I manage a storage facility, we would have no idea until the customer told us, UNLESS, previously the customer had shared that info for some reason or other- which IS possible…Its a gamble.