Facility Accountability

Well, I won a locker in Halifax NS on Thursday 4/28… The Uhaul on Horseshoe Lake road to be exact… Paid the buyers premium and called the facility to confirm that the locker was accessible to me on Saturday 4/30. Was given the “good to go” by who I believe is the manager. Drove 3 hours to collect my locker… When I arrived the facility was quite busy. Spoke to the people at the counter and paid the bill. When I went to the locker to empty it, I noticed that there was a Uhaul issue lock on the unit, went back to the counter to get the Key to unlock if. The young fella, who was very helpful brought the keys and away we went. When we got back to the locker, he was shocked to see a Uhaul lock on it and told me to hang tight. When he came back he told me that I need to speak to the Manager on site that the tenant had come in 5 days previous and paid his rental bill. So now I am out profit on a locker, just spent 4 hours of my day (driving and waiting) for nothing and another 3 hours driving back… The Manager on site offered to pay for my fuel but this is not the point… I know that this can happen but there must be some checks and balances to the Facility to provide proper information to Bid13… I did get my money that I paid to the facility for the the locker and Bid13 is sending me my Buyers Premium back but I feel that the Facility should have to pay a fine to both Bid13 and the buyer for the inconvenience and then put on notice for future events… I will be very careful if I bid on that facility again… Needless to say, I am not a very happy bidder!