Disappearing current auction with time left

Just curious to why a action being bided on and still had 4 hours left but just at random disappears?

This can happen sometimes if the tenant ends up making payment for the unit. In that case, the facility is legally obligated to turn the unit over to them, and cancel the auction.

The customer/owner paid out.

I had one cancelled last week and 2 today the one last week had 1 minute left and was cancelled and then relisted a week later

I manage a storage facility. The customer is able to pay for their unit up until the time the auction ends. It’s their property and they are notified of the auction date and time. If, the very next month, they are listed again, it would be due to them not paying whatever was agreed upon and defaulting again. We don’t get a penny more than what the customer owes. Our facility is bound by law to return any amount over what they owe- to the customer. In other words, the proceeds go to the customer, which, by the way, RARELY do the amounts the unit’s go for, even come close to what they owe. If you have yet to truly ‘WIN’ the auction which, you HAVE NOT won anything if the facility withdraws before the end of the auction- no matter their reason. You win some, and you lose some, period.