Coronavirus Michigan

I contacted support with my issue but they blew me off so I just passed the info to State’s Attorney Office. I have preexisting conditions and am taking the state mandated lockdown seriously as all Michiganders should be. I reached out to bid13 with my worry that I would be in violation of state law to drive to the storage facility to clean out belongings. I asked them to either remove my bid or stop the auctions due to lawful order in Michigan. They responded by saying their Terms of Service trump Michigan law… advised me to read the first line of their TOS for further clarification. I do apologize to all of you if Bid13 runs into issues but I can not allow a company to defy a lawful order and put lives at risk.
I am not sure what the state will do but I reported it directly to the online complaint form for Coronavirus Violations. It should be noted that the auction doesn’t even end for two more days.

Hi Nevetsb54,

Many people are experiencing some changes and transitions during this unprecedented event in our lives. At Bid13 we always strive to do the best we possibly can, and we always try to make sure our buyers and facilities are happy. I apologize if it feels like your situation has slipped the through cracks, we never meant for that to be the case.

As we mentioned on our call, Bid13 is only a platform which facilitates the collection of bids from buyers on behalf of facilities. Whether or not a facility is legally allowed to proceed with an auction is left entirely to the facility’s discretion. There are many different states, and they have all approached COVID19 in different ways. Some of them have shut everything down completely, while others have many businesses still open.

So should a facility decide to proceed with their auctions, that decision is entirely up to them, and Bid13 has no place in policing that decision. If you feel that a facility should not be proceeding with their auctions due to your local regional regulations around COVID19, we encourage you to reach out to the facility and inform them of such.


actually without your PLATFORM they really have no other source to go ahead with an auction. seeing as social distancing is mandatory for pretty much all countries. so your sayin that when was a thing they were only the platform for escorts, and they werent the source. WRONG!!! they were in fact the source and were charged and had there website seized same situation. just different area. cheers