Cleaning deposit

There has to be some kinds of set price a.k.a affordable price to deposits.

I’ve seen units going upwards of 300$

Now if you’re starting out, or even a pro at this 200-300$ is a lot to put down

There has been many times where I have a 500$ budget on a unit, but knowing I have to put 300 down on some units means I need to get the unit for 200$

Other sites I use have a 50-100$ deposit which is golden

Maybe you can talk to them and take into consideration that people can’t afford the huge deposit prices.

Why not just have your credit card charged if the unit isn’t cleared out? that way they get their money if someone skip’s out?

I’ve never left anything in a unit after winning it… Why should honest people get shafted because others can’t play by the rules?

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Hi Jersh,

The reason some facilities set their cleaning deposits high is they have been burned by bad bidders who use the cleaning deposit like a dump disposal service. The cleaning deposits are set high enough to be a deterrent to not do this.

For example, lets say parking violation tickets only cost $2. Would anyone ever pay for parking? or just take the risk?

The reason facilities don’t accept credit cards for deposits is because credit cards can be abused with charge backs. And charge backs are quite common in this industry.

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I been looking for other sites myself if you have any links to send me to them. Please abd thanks

Are they returning the deposit after the clean up?

Hi Bid13 Storage Auctions Forum,

Yes, please see our FAQ relating to this.

Here is link to assist you.

BID13 Team