Cleaning deposit being held till other bidders units cleaned?

This is our fist time winning a bid… it was also the facilities first time auctioning… We cleaned out our unit the same day we won the auction on Monday. We where expecting out cleaning deposit to be returned the following day. but the facility manager sent us this reply

“Ok. I will have my point of contact check out the property Wednesday or Thursday. I have other units that are being cleared out from the auction, so I will send him to look all at once.”

Is this common and\or acceptable???

It is usual for facilities to have management check the clearing of the unit. If you are not communicated with by Thursday please contact us at !

It’s not about them checking… it’s that they are making us wait several days after we have cleaned the unit to even go check…

bought about 10 and never had this happen. most just trust ive had a couple check and one asked me to take picture of it. Had one I bought like 300 miles away and the manager was nice enough to mail me the deposit back since I didn’t finish loading till well after office closed.