Blurry Photos

Suggestion to Bid13 to prohibit blurry photos being used by facilities. A series of blurry photos paired with a couple second super fast video is not acceptable. We all have great smart phones that take crystal clear photos and have zoom. We know if the boxes were marked jewlery or comics they would certainly zoom in and take a perfect photo. If I could read the boxes at an in person auction, I should be able to read the boxes on an online auction. It’s shady and dishonest. Clear photos should be a must before locker is approved to be listed. Videos should also be a video, not a slideshow of those same blurry photos. Has anyone else had issues with this? Am I wrong for thinking facilities should be held to this standard? All thoughts welcome! Happy hunting


I agree with you. Photos should be clear and should always have a photo standing outside the unit showing everything as a whole. I have seen facilities that aren’t doing that like they used to do. Also,they shouldn’t be going into the unit or moving items either to take pictures. I believe it’s illegal and if it’s not,it should be. Posting online auctions should still adhere to the same rules/guidelines as an in person auction…you stand outside the unit to look…NO TOUCHING,MOVING ANYTHING OR ENTERING INSIDE!
As for videoing the unit…same thing and I also agree :100:…couple second videos are horrible…if they can’t take their time to record a decent video…why bother?

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Heres my guess. The facility purposely posts blurred pictures and crappy video just to appease the terms of their contract with Bid13 and so nobody bids on the locker except friends of the facility.
You would think that a facility would want to maximize the amount they could get for a locker by providing a better description and pictures. This would make sense.
So, they are either trying to hide a crappy locker and hope someone bids on it anyway or they are trying to hide a good locker so one of their friends can get it cheap.
Either way, your best bet is to not bid on it and make a note not to bid at any lockers at that facility. Only bid on what you can see.

I totally agree. What urritates me more are the múltiple pix of the outside of the unit. I also hate to see the listing and the doors of the unit are the main picture. I don’t have a lot of time to click into each listing just to see one chair or junk… make the face picture the full view.

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A lot of the pictures are a waste of time. Just looked at one locker, had 6 clear pictures of the outside and 1 very, very blurry picure of inside. So blurry and dark you couldn’t even tell if anything was in the locker. Don’t need 6 pictures of the outside.