Bidding on multi units at once

I bid and bid and bid and just get out bid. I’ve won a few with some small treasures inside.Recently because I get outbid and usually stick to the units I really want…I went all out and placed small bids on several units not caring If I got them or not…Well… Score ,3 units all at once became mine at once…I put myself in a position where I am overwhelmed with all this stuff.3 unit for 100 and I already sold the washer dryer set for 200 and several other items for a few 100 more.I’m currently even right now considering my fuel and small labor fees associated,600 lbs. to the dump only cost 25.I want my garage back and feel I have bitten off more that I can chew this week.My advise and conclusion would be to play it smart and make sure you have the capacity to handle the winning lockers…

I have only one 1 at a time, there is many places you can go, Local thrift stores, you can go to auction barns, yard sales, etc… its a fast way to offload stuff you don’t want, Even place a ad online where everything you have on your curb is free, the items you don’t want and a lot of people will come and pick through it. Just make sure you give plenty of notice,

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