Bid13 unfairness

If they don’t get their asking price that they want they either cancel the auction or add more days to the auction…wow…

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Hi Bid13 Storage Auctions Forum,

May we know what unit and location you are referring to?

This would help us.

BID13 Team

Unit 1638-39

This is the 3rd time you guys made changes to this unit…
First time you canceled it. Then Reposted it, after it was to finish today. You then Added another day to it… :open_mouth:

They can cancel after the hammer drops also, so if a seller does not get what they want, they can cancel, I’m still waiting on my refund…

I guess they did it again… it almost seem as if the seller is part of the bidding…they canceled the same unit again :joy:

The refund has been processed, have you had an opportunity to verify your emails?

Yes, I got your “check is in the mail” email…