Bid 13 Unethical Management of Storage Facilities

Id like to open this thread to other buyers, to report fraudulent activity of storage facilities. Bid 13 refuses to to take these complaints seriously and its time to actually start collecting data. I encourage all buyers to post on review avenues of these facilities and inform the rest of the community.


Bid13 Never believes what the buyers are saying. There management is terrible. Should make a Facebook page with everyone who has had a problem with this site.

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There should be a Blacklist of facilities who clearly and unethically sell crappy lockers.
On the other hand, there should be a list of good facilities…maybe an overall rating system.

me i have a situation

Flagship5, I was wondering what fraudulent activity of the storage facilities are you addressing. Can any information about the specifics of the suspected fraudulent activity be provided such as Location, event, Item, unit, ect… As far as I know all storage facilities are subject to laws, rules Ordinances, or statutes of the state they are in and they have to be followed prior to an auction being conducted. If these measures are not being adhered to then legal action could be pursued if there is evidence.


Well being that you’re “wondering” and for the fact that it appears as tho you assume that the laws are being adhered to, I feel that you are either one of the individuals involved in criminal activity or you’re quite possibly blind. Or maybe just in complete denial for some reason. Sure. There are laws. Criminals don’t have any regard for laws! Evidence? Have you looked at any pictures or videos of these auctions? It is absolutely impossible for one NOT be able to determine that lockers have been opened prior to the photos and/or video’s being taken. I think its fair to say that there are many people that just throw their belongings in a locker or come back from time to time and rifle through their things and then leave it a mess and in disorder. However, generally people have regard for the things that they own. Because they have worked hard for their belongings and/or because they have sentimental value. No one that values their belongings is going to just throw their entire household into a storage locker in a big heap. come back and rip open boxes that they took considerable time to pack, seal and organize, and damage their belongings in the process. Human nature doesn’t allow it. Nearly every item in these lockers means something to someone those things belong to. Have you ever gone into your attic or basement (and this is just an example MOST people can relate to) to get your christmas decorations or look for an some files or old clothes? And then as you start to look through things you find an old photo of someone in your life or find some toys from when your kids were little or some sentimental object that stirs memories? Just like Chevy Chase in “Christmas Vacation” when he got lost watching old 8mm home movies of his life in the past when his intention was to find christmas lights so he could decorate his house. He got lost in his memories and before he realized it, the entire day had passed. THAT is human nature. Storage lockers are chalked full of memories and things that stir emotions. Any human being that has any love in their heart CAN NOT disregard their emotional ties to things they’ve owned, worked hard for or things they relate to fond memories. Unless they are intoxicated on substances or just a stone cold and unfeeling psychopath. You want evidence? Nearly every photo and/or video of these lockers being auctioned off are blatant evidence of foul play on behalf of these storage facilities. Greed is what drives people to have complete disregard for others belongings. The possibility of finding treasure is what makes people risk life, limb and freedom. Storage facility owners and managers are stricken with “gold fever” just like miners are. The “evidence” lies before your eyes! Try opening them. The ego is a profound mechanism. It can rat you out and tattle on you without your knowledge. Unless you are aware of this and unless you maintain constant attention to your actions and things you say, more often than not, the things you DO and the things you SAY indicate many things about you! So if it is your intention to try and make us believe that : A. You fail to see the obvious. or B. You believe that no one is breaking any laws or ordinances and there isn’t foul BS happening here. SAVE IT! That would indicate one or some of a number of things such as: The possibility of being extremely naïve and/or gullible. -OR- the indication of defending things that you or someone close to you is doing. This is quite possibly true for the fact that you wouldn’t expect others to provide “evidence” to verify your technicalities. Those with swollen ego’s and/or those who have been involved in something for a considerable amount of time are like to assume this kind of demeanor. We all know that trying to tell a “know-it-all” sometime is usually a waste of time. Unless of course, one is able to reach that individual somehow and enlighten them to a degree that gives them a whole knew understanding of what they THOUGHT they were knowledgeable about. It’s rare that this happoens. But not impossible. So maybe this will help. (If you like good movies like I do)- Believe this quote from a famous movie: “Hell is coming to breakfast little lady.” When investigations are complete, it’s literally going to take a passenger train to transport those guilty of wrong doing that are involved in these “storage wars”, to jail. And its not an “if”. It is a “when”. And I say this with confidence… To quote another famous person, "You can bet your bobcat tail on it. " I would like to express gratitude. Your input is appreciated much more than you know. This forum is awesome! But the humanity… The humanity is forthright. Have a wonderful day!


Good Read, The only thing I don’t agree with is… Clark Griswold was actually hiding gifts up in the attic, not trying to find Christmas lights, lol. Other than that, enjoyed your comments.


You’ve got things a little misconstrued…
I happen to work at a facility and we most certainly do not enjoy opening, let alone auctioning off people’s personal effects.
We hold off on auctions as long as possible and attempt every avenue to reach people. We go as far as checking obits n police reports to search for the owner of their locker, it takes months. Additionally I’d like to suggest you consider including facts instead of insinuating that all facilities are fraudulent. People are not in the business for greed, we’re here to help, those in need. As for the individual who has rented a unit, your wrong about they way they store their items… there are individuals who are in a grave situation who are urgently trying to store items in a rush due to circumstances in life they’ve encountered, so yes, people actually are awful at stacking and packing and others are meticulous. I’ve seen both sides. We work with the buyer to keep an eye out for family photos, documents and anything that appears to be an urn, we have storage to keep their things until we hear from them no matter how many years.
It seems there’s a bit more of a conspiracy theory in your post rather than facts.
Do you see your glass half full or empty? Mine is overflowing no matter the challenges in life I’ve faced I own it and I don’t search for ways to blame others…
Just thoughts…I hope you find whatever it is that you are seeking. I seek truth wisdom and knowledge. If you Change your perception - your interpretation might reflect more facts.


Wow! Quite the post, you seem very set in your thought process. While I agree, there is probably some facilities that are shady, the majority are good businesses that care about people. It’s like you have never seen both sides of the coin… Have you ever lost your home? and I’m not saying because of addiction or divorce, I’m talking about something that has nothing to do with bad choices or lack of effort. I’m talking about getting ill or getting injured… Maybe even the death of the breadwinner… Just because your house mortgage is paid off, the property taxes and utilities and upkeep is ongoing. Some people have bigger worries than losing some material things, some people even realize that material things really don’t mean much at all… Making sure your stuff is packed properly is the least of your worries when you just got a 48 hr eviction notice, or you don’t have any support and your husband just died. Another direction to look at it… Most people know when they are not going to be able to pay their locker fee. What stops them from going into the locker before they get locked out and ruffling through everything to get what they can and leaving the mess for someone else to clean up. Just my 2 cents about looking at the big picture and not being so quick to judge.


Wow, I like what you said. 100% true.

Absolutely right
I’m an auction bidder
I’ve lost my unit b4 when I moved
I take the time to find owners of unit to give personal pics n documents bk.
Losing people units not their choice just happens b n difficult situation…
Yes I’ve bought thousands of units in my life time n still do.
Management I heard Rumors but people talk but without proof that’s called Rumors…
The only thing I will say bought Storage units is alot of them Pest Control NEEDED!!


Well not to say you’re wrong but you’re wrong. I firsthand witnessed someone who had tossed their entire life into a heap in a huge storage facility. An ex partner of mine had a separation and shared a storage unit with their ex. We went to go grab things out of it for one reason or another and she had warned me beforehand of the mess and I of course shrugged it off thinking it couldn’t be that bad….boy was I wrong.

The door first off could barely be opened because the mountain of belongings had fallen onto the door at some point making it difficult to open then the stuff came pouring out once we did. There in front of me was a literal mountain of things from a lifetime shared with 4 kids involved. I never asked why it was stored so haphazardly but we literally had to climb through the things to find what she went for. There were rats or mice that had chewed through bags and made a mess everywhere.

Either way people do throw things in with disregard to their items. Human nature has nothing to do with it. If your human nature says it’s impossible then great but the storage unit i saw that day was worse than any i have seen on this site. Needless to say a person who keeps their storage in that type of disarray doesn’t live their life with much care for personal items and there’s a reason why that partner became an ex partner.

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I think the comment about why the x became the x is kinda off based on condition of a storage. I personally have lost a storage that I had every intentions of returning to. Took months or more in careful packing of everything I owned. Intentions fail. The one time I did open it I was surprised to see how much it settled. And also had to call a friend because I couldn’t get things back into storage after a good dig. I know personally it wasn’t important papers, or documents, but rather lost family things, not photos. Don’t we have those backed up now? But things like grandmas blanket or whatever. We all have different values on what we consider to be a loss. I do sometimes think to myself, in embarrassment…I hope I never meet the person who purchased my storage. OMG the things that they must have learned? Lol. So as someone who has lost a storage with my entire life packed in it, really who can judge why people store the things they do, and why they don’t return? Life circumstances. I have only opened one storage and so I cannot speak as a buyer only the other side. I will say that out if all the blogs and forums I have read, not TV , dont have one, and very little of the you tube versions, this has been the most interesting read. Thank you. I look at storage auctions daily. It was two years daily before I actually bid on one and was satisfied with outcome although it was a bit of hecticness from not knowing what I was doing. Then bid on another and got it and my fault disaster. But I have a question. Why do they say win a bid. I mean it’s not like a win. You purchased it. They make it out like you won the 7-11 scratch off big fifty or something. Terminology I suppose. I find it odd. Anyways thanks for the read.

Hello my name is Mark and I would like to ask you a few questions if you live in Winnipeg and speak Ukrainian.

I have a complaint i saw in my local paper a local storage facility was hosting a auction and i called to confirm the date wich was last saturday they told me it was re scheduled due to to staff shortages to nov 4th and now i found the auction on here lockers pook to be picked thru

I can tell you first hand that the laws were not followed when my storage unit was sold on this sight last month. The owner of the storage place would not return my calls, and the person he had working for him didn’t handle anything to do with the units only the other side of the business which was truck rental and tire repair. The owner also cancelled my auto pay so that my payment didn’t get deducted from my account that it was set up to do. He also gave no notice whatsoever that my unit was being put up for auction. Now everything is gone that my wife had of her late parents and all of our children’s pictures and stuff they made when they were younger. Things that had little monetary value but meant everything to us.

Quick Question for the people saying things arent legit... There are many lockers that are removed because the person flies in at the last minute and pays what they owe, so they get their locker and contents back. So if what youre saying is the storage facilities are stealing things from the locker before the pictures are taken, wouldnt the owner file a police report for stolen property... The lockers are sealed on video. People get their lockers back after those videos are taken. Not sure how a facility could get away with stealing things. Im a bidder so im hoping im right no this one. I havent had that many bad experiences. If not, its always nice to be informed on these things before losing money.

I rented a unit and packed it full of lab equipment ($30,000 worth) I prepaid three months, after about two months I get a voicemail saying they have planned construction in the hallway I’m renting in and that all locks will be cut so I would need to come in and replace mine. I came almost immediately and noticed all the doors in the hallway were swapped with opposite ends of the hallway which would require the doors to be installed upside down. The original unit numbers on the doors were upside down and new numbers painted on them. I went to my unit and it was emptied, when I went to address the matter with front desk they persisted to try and convince me my unit was the opposite end of the hallway and I know it wasn’t. Of course the unit they tried to make me take responsibility for was packed full of trash. They then sort of dispersed and left me to wonder what to do. I notified authorities and they scolded me for making accusations. The “staff” there who seemed to be living there as well, were all very obviously on meth. These people went through a lot to get my stuff and given the meth it’s no wonder where they got the idea and energy from. Literally nothing I could have done about it and they knew it. The attitude they gave after the insult of theft places their worth to the lowest scum on earth and they are ok with that. Kind of coincidental that they didn’t try to collect any dues after that. I didn’t sign or close my account either.

Bid13 is not a storage facility! They are a 3rd party acting between buyers and sellers!

Sue the hell out of that facility!