Bid 13 Unethical Management of Storage Facilities

Id like to open this thread to other buyers, to report fraudulent activity of storage facilities. Bid 13 refuses to to take these complaints seriously and its time to actually start collecting data. I encourage all buyers to post on review avenues of these facilities and inform the rest of the community.

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Bid13 Never believes what the buyers are saying. There management is terrible. Should make a Facebook page with everyone who has had a problem with this site.

There should be a Blacklist of facilities who clearly and unethically sell crappy lockers.
On the other hand, there should be a list of good facilities…maybe an overall rating system.

me i have a situation

Honestly it’s a sad situation but the truth is I’ve never seen anyone reply or return items that were won in an auction to the owner afterwards .
Generally the person who won the auction should usually leave a box of some personables at the storage facility for the previous owner of unit to obtain afterwards . Have you contacted the storage facility ?

Flagship5, I was wondering what fraudulent activity of the storage facilities are you addressing. Can any information about the specifics of the suspected fraudulent activity be provided such as Location, event, Item, unit, ect… As far as I know all storage facilities are subject to laws, rules Ordinances, or statutes of the state they are in and they have to be followed prior to an auction being conducted. If these measures are not being adhered to then legal action could be pursued if there is evidence.