Bid 13 Get it together

Come on! 5 pics of cutting the lock and 2 crappy pictures of whats inside, you can’t see anything. Try upping the requirements or I won’t be buying any more units. They fill them with junk after going thru them then show cutting a lock they put on and take a couple of pictures were you can see much.This is Bull.

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Hi Ivar,

We apologize for the quality of our photos. We will look into providing better pictures for you in the future. In the mean time please take the time to watch the video provided so you can get a better look at what is inside the units. The video is to simulate a live auction feel at the comfort of your own home.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

All the Best.

Please improve the quality of your pictures. Get rid of the fisheye lens! Or get rid of your Gopro cameras. Thanks, Jeff Ellis 360 430 0306

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Better pics. How about staying out of the unit. It’s not yours and the owners still have the right to get caught up on the unit.
I’m suing a few places that do this. I’ve won two lawsuits and I’m suing more people.

Do it like they used to. No pics. When the day of the auction. Go live and film it when they cut it, stay out of the locker.
That’s how it was years ago

I would love and appreciate any advice you can give regarding pursuing a lawsuit with someone with knowledge of the storage auction world !! Ontario, Canada

Hello, How can I help you ?