Beware Grenville Storage, also known as Braebury Homes

Grenville Storage units are located in brockville Ontario. Office is in Kingston one hour away. The deposit in question was delivered in person and had to be picked up in person. Once we cleaned out the units within the 3 days allowed.
They refused to give us back our deposit because they said it wasn’t cleaned. After Jessie from bid13 contacted they agreed to half. Here are pictures and you can judge for yourself if they out right stole from us or not.

I am not sure how to upload a picture but will do so once I figured.

I bought a unit from them a few years back. Supposed to be a three day pick up deadline. I was given a gate code that only worked for a day. I made two trips that day and one trip the following morning which was a Friday. I came back that afternoon and my code no longer worked. The office in Kingston was closed so I couldn’t get ahold of anyone until Monday which was past my deadline and still a lot of stuff in the unit. I posted about it on here. The girl in the Kingston office I spoke with was very snotty and tried to get me to say that I just didn’t understand how the gate worked. When I told her that I had made three trips through it before the code stopped working so did in fact know how it worked she became angry. I had the people from Bid 13 talking to them and I think that helped. I’m pretty sure I’d have lost everything left in there and my deposit if it wasn’t for that help. It ended up with me meeting the caretaker there who actually was a nice person unlike office girl and I had to remove what was left all in one trip. It wasn’t easy but I did it and got my deposit back. A shady place in my opinion.

They also had a unit on here after that that was obviously staged. It didn’t sell the first time so they relisted it and shifted things around so you couldn’t see the soiled mattresses so easily and added stuff. It looked like a garbage unit to me. I commented on that listing and another guy responded agreeing with me. Again, shady.