Bed bugs in storage unit

Has anyone had a bed bug issue in a storage locker? What have you done about it?

Put in trailor take to dump anything non cleanable plastic items u can let sit outside for few days and clean
I’d trash it all and chalk it up unless there’s real gold n silver or good amount of scrap

Why can’t bid thirteen make the storage places pay for bed bug damage to the buyer the storage places KNOW WHICH ONES HAVE BUGS

Hi @Peterson787
I’m sorry you ran into some issues with bed bugs, that sucks! To answer your question, the reason is because we have no way of verifying claims like this. It is the same for all claims about unit contents. This is why the units are all sold as is where is.

As a storage operator myself, I can also tell you that it is not true that we are aware of the unit contents. People bring all sorts of stuff into my facility and store it. I don’t inspect what they bring in. When it comes time to auction a unit, I cut the lock, film it from outside the door, close the door and add a tamper proof security seal. At no point in this process do I have any way to discover there is bed bugs in a unit.

Hope this helps!


Bed bugs are part of used beds, especially in units, apartments and hotels. If you do as I do and don’t count mattresses in my bids then I have no worries about it. Trailer it just in case then take directly to the trash, or dumpster.
Hope this helps as there are some nastys out there, I bid on what I know I can fix, repair, but never bedding