Another kind of problem collecting the goods and meeting the deadline

Hey you guys! I just bought my first locker through Bid 13. Started emptying it on Thursday. The 72 hour deadline was up Saturday. Here’s the problem. Thursday I took 2 loads out, no problem. Friday morning I took one load out, again - no problem. Had to go to a wake for my aunt who passed away last week. That was Friday afternoon. After that I put my work cloths back on and went back to the facility for another load. The facility has a security gate with a keypad for entry. I was given a temporary pass code and it worked well until Friday night. When I arrived Friday night the keypad seemed to be malfunctioning. The display was all 0’s and backslashes and wouldn’t accept my pass code. Called the facility and the office was closed. Called the emergency number and the lady couldn’t help me. The facility has a sign that says 24 hour access and their website says the same. Anyway I went back at 10 o’clock Saturday morning and still the same. I have now missed the deadline to empty and clean the unit due to circumstances not my fault. The facility is a 45 minute drive from my place. I now have 3 hours of travel time and $30.00 into gasoline for nothing. I will call them tomorrow and find out where I stand. Has anyone else ran into this situation and how did things go.?

On a positive note., it is a really good locker.

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Hey Rocky,

It sounds like their gate broke down and they don’t have weekend maintenance staff. We have left a message with the facility and I am confident we will hear back from them tomorrow and let you know once we know more.


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Thank you Adrian. I am going to call them today as well. I would imagine they will be getting complaints from others today as well. Didn’t look like anyone could get in there.

Hi Rocky,

Just heard from our admin that you’re packing up your last load! Glad you got this issue resolved with the facility. Hopefully, when you pick up your next win it’ll be smooth sailing.

Happy bidding!

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Hi Rochelle. Thanks for your kind words. It looks like everything is straightened out and I’m glad to be here finishing the job. Good luck to you in your own treasure hunting.

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Just a quick update. Was in communication with the facility today. Got in and finished clearing and cleaning. Now just waiting to set up a appointment to collect my cleaning deposit. Everything good. Was a very good locker. Even found a Montreal Expos baseball autographed by the team.

May 10, 2017

Just a further update, I met with the site manager yesterday. He checked my locker and returned my cleaning deposit so all good and everyone happy.


Hooray! We’re glad to hear that everything went smoothly and that they were great lockers.

Good luck on your next storage hunt. We hope to hear more of your storage auction adventures.

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Well here we go

First locker…

Campbell river bc… tidy price to

So far… a ships compass from the 1920s made Eugene Sherman Seattle Washington…

Almost had it sold to one of bc ferries finest captains.

I think we pulled out nearly 12 or 13 angle grinders.

A mac tool chest, a snap on chest…

Sadly? Thankfully not full of tools… they are on the haevy side.

Bench grinders… four not one but four? Who knew one person would need so many…?

Fishing rods camping gear…

Oh and the best part… bottle caps… beer bottle caps…

I don’t drink so I don’t why any one would have four box. FULL…?

I am rarely sure I’ll do well on the resale end.

As for the storage facility? Less the helpful…

Asked about getting the to use their fork lift to lift the tool chests up onto my trailer… sure they said…90 bucks for the hour… my reply… an hour? 5 minutes is all I’ll need…

Nope 1hour. 90 bucks…

Well they lost I did it with out their help. Mac tool boxes are … fing heavy… top and bottom…

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Hi Puzzel1456. Sounds like a decent locker. If the beer caps are new then it’s possible that the former owner of the goods was a home brewer. You can actually buy bottle caps for this purpose. Mac tool boxes are valuable. If they are in half decent shape, you should be able to get a good price for them. Happy Hunting!

All Canadian beer?


I’m not sure if they sell them with brand names. I actually don’t drink either but I have friends that home brew and they tell me you can buy the mix to make whatever type or brand you want. Possible that they make corresponding caps so you know what’s in the bottle. I just noticed you said used. Some people make chains out of them. They still through the center of each cap and run a wire through them.

My worst experience so far was this weekend.
I bid on and won a unit based on an item or 2 that i wanted for myself which im happy with.
The problem was that the unit (which the worker admitted) was filled with left over stuff from other vacated lockers.
Let me break that down, If someone vacated a locker and decided to leave some unusable piece of furniture etc, the unit owners gathered them all into one unit and put it up for auction. So other than the 2 things i actually wanted i had about 500 pounds of garbage on my hands, so basically i paid to take their garbage away for them.
Why would you knowingly fill a unit with broken/old furniture, beds etc to sell? its such a rip off and i was very angry that i had to waste most of my saturday loading and dumping (which i also had to pay for) all of the facility’s trash.

Hi Rookie,

That sounds extremely unprofessional that the facility did that! We do not approve of facilities ever doing this. Can you please shoot us an email at and let us know which unit you are talking about so we can open an investigation into the matter. We have banned facilities in the past for this type of behaviour.

Thank you,

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Lmao same locker from Vancouver. Bought two that was from the same owner they were going to combine (owner). The unit literally had complete trash, broken toys, toys from the 90s that kind that have no vaule. MCC tags and literally smelled like piss, shit, and stains and disgusting trash. Locker was filled and costed 105$ per trash unload and I maybe did 1/3 of the locker and at thought point said fuck it rather lose my 300 deposit then spend another 500$ going to the dumps throwing it all out. Not to mention all the bugs I found. Took what I think I can sell and probably gonna lose atleast 400$ minimal from that lockers