A Friend Let Me Store My Stuff... the fiend disappeared

I moved in December 2019 and had all my belongings in a 35 ft. Uhaul and no where to go. Then the person that helped me load the truck offered to let me stay there and another person offered to let me store my stuff in his locker. Everything I owned basically, accumilated over 50 years. Several months later the fiend told me he missed 2 months of payments and lost the locker. I was told about this site and have been on here ever since. The locker was on Savage Dr. in Cambridge. He said he was locked out July 1st. Does anyone know how long it will take to show up here? There are a lot of photos, memories and stuff of my mom’s I don’t wanna lose. The size was about 10x30 and it was indoor.

Ouch ! Talk to the facility. Not sure what position you are in but contact the “fiend” and pay for the outstanding amount.
Sorry for your situation.