When does an abandoned unit become the property of the seller

I have noticed that some units go up for auction more than once. I understand that the unit can be relisted if the buyer does not show up to pay the fees so this could be an explanation for the resale of the unit. However, sometimes it is easy to see by comparing the photos from the first auction to the second that the contents of the unit have been moved around, either by the first buyer or the seller. If the buyer has paid for the unit, accessed the unit, but left some, most, or even all of the contents behind, do the remaining contents become the seller’s property? At what point do the storage unit contents become the property of the seller and should therefore be listed as such on the subsequent auction (non-lean vs lean/abandoned)?

Hi ThatHikerChick,

If an auction is cancelled and put back up again later that means that the tenant had come in and paid for their unit. sometimes they go in a remove items and then go delinquent again and the facility has to go through the lien process again, putting up back the auction with a new video and photo’s.

If a bidder ends up winning and only cherry picks the auction and never returns, they will end up being banned from bidding at the facility with a high possibly of a site wide ban. The facility then has the option the take the cleaning deposit and have the contents removed or in some case they refilm the unit and sell again if they find items deemed valuable. If they chose the second option they must mark the auction as a non-lien unit.

If you find auctions that don’t follow these rules or have a suspicions please contact us at support@bid13.com.