What happens if you bought a locker and found stolen items

So I purchased a locker a few months ago. Iv posted a few items for sale (tools) a person contacted me and said the tools were stolen from their company and are going to call the police. Has anything like this happened to anyone and what was the outcome? I have sold alot of tools and I can’t track down each one that is said to be stolen. Can I get in trouble? Its not like I would know these tools were stolen as I won the unit in a auction. I have had men come into my store looking for their stolen tools, it scared me and had no idea what to do. Do I have any stand in this? Do I have to pay them back for the tools I sold not knowing they were even stolen.

Hi Bids,

We just pulled up your account and you have not won any auctions with Bid13 so i’m a bit confused about this post. Did you win this locker through another storage auction company?


No wasn’t through bid13 another site. I haven’t been able to get a locker through you guys at a price that will profit me. But hopefull soon. My other site I’m on doesnt offer advice, comments or anything that allows you to share stories so that’s why I’m asking on here. Hoping to get feed back.

What a nightmare. Sorry this happened to you, it’s actually one of my greatest fears in buying these things. I really don’t know the law in regard to your situation. There is a charge of recieving stolen goods but I believe you have to have intent to be guilty of an offense. Ie. If you would have or should have known the goods were stolen and the Crown can prove that, you are guilty. Obviously there is an element of the unknown when buying a storage locker. Your not even buying from the person who had the stuff but from a third party. If you did get charged you would likely have a good defense but would still be a disruption of your life and expensive to deal with. I think the people claiming ownership of the tools would have to prove such ownership. Anyone can walk into a store dealing in used goods and say they own something and want compensation. Just saying so doesn’t make it true.
I’m not a lawyer so everything I’m saying here is just my opinion and what I regard as common sense. I hope this situation gets resolved favourably for you.
Perhaps your community has a legal clinic. If so you can get some free advice there. Good luck.

Keep your receipts/paperwork from the facilities. This gives you a paper trail of where goods came from. You should be OK, they probably will want to talk to “renter” who had possession before you but that’s between law enforcement and the facility. Keep in mind, there are literally thousands of the same model ________ that you have. If it is determined that your items were stolen, either insurance will replace or you might have to forfeit item. Either way, the people who were stolen from should understand that it was not you who stole. If you’ve done nothing wrong, let police sort it out.

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Last lock i got had two big bags full of lottery tickets with 5 sandwich bag full of winning ticket writen on bags said not scanned and about 100 $20 tickets not even scratch on said not in Oklahoma play
Made a police report and cops took them

Second thing was 80% of the stuff was in question since all still had all price tags on them

3rd thing was storage locker video. Viewed one tire and rim and said tiers. Yeah once opened there were four tiers in storage unit and I believe the storage fokes did it this way to get ride of some trash all tires were different size.

Check there video

I walked away from locker and deposit

Last unit was g51

First of all I wouldn’t find stolen items in the locker as I would have to have had previous information which I would not have had . Second the person claiming the stuff was theirs can take it up with the storage facility or better yet the renter of unit. I beleive on the rental agreement they agree that everything stored must not have a lien or be stolen.