UNIT 126 Storage Master Milwaukee BULLSH*T REPOST OF UNIT

So What reason is there for me to get ::The auction for Unit 126 has been cancelled.
Unfortunately, the lien tenant has come in to pay their outstanding balance on unit Unit 126 at Storage Master Milwaukee. So we are legally obligated to cancel this auction. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Me and another guy had bid this unit up to 800$( mine was 791 last bid) i have it in my history and it now is reposted and closes on Nov 26…

Hi Iboughtthischeap,

Cancellations usually happen when a tenant comes in and pays off their outstanding bill. In this case the tenant paid off 1 of 2 units. The facility decided to give the tenant a chance and gave them 2 weeks to pay off the second unit. The tenant failed to follow through so now it is back up for auction. The tenant has had no access to the unit in this time. If the auction is cancelled again that would mean that the tenant finally paid the full amount. If not the auction will close on Nov 28 with a winner.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

This has happen to me many times on another site.
Im new to this site and have not won a unit here yet.

Your story describes the exact same bullshit I experienced, and from the same company. Saying they accept partial payments from deadbeat renters after going through the foreclosure/lien process is absurd as I see it. Perhaps it’s because the bidding amount wasn’t to their expectations, has anyone ever thought of that? Bullshit is an understatement. My2cents

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This is very common not only in online storage auctions but on in person auctions. It is frustrating when you drive an hour to some place that is supposed to have 15 units that day and by the time the auction happens they have 2. This just comes with the territory. I believe these storage places do their best to give the tenet every opportunity to not lose their items.