Someone please return

whoever is NICH on bid13 and bought E118 my nanas belongings are in there and am willing to pay u 500 in hand cash for her two three items in the unit from oshawa …please call 2899927354 my nanaor me 3656885541

I’ve never seen anyone reply to the ppl who were the previous owners of the unit . It’s possible but unlikely .
Sometimes auction unit winners leave a box of personals at the storage facility for previous owners to pick up . Check with them . Good luck :+1:t2:

The storage facility made sure I didn’t win the auction offered them the price of the bid the day of the auction ending that was more then the price bidded and told them I seen her stuff and purpose made me not able to and banned me from buying her stuff

Did you check the storage facility if the auction winners left any personable’s for you ?

Ya I’m gonna call again