My experince was when i whent to pick up my stuff

[Admin edit: this claim is unfounded. See below: My experince was when i whent to pick up my stuff ]

when I went to pick up my stuff everithing was out of the big box sithing on the floor I tough they where going to open the box in front of my selft
but it wasen’t the case is that how the do it ?

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Hi Metal In my experience they always open it in front of you so you know there is no shenanigans going on. I might have refused it if I had gotten it. Anything good

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Hmmm. Does sound strange. So far I’ve only bought one by live auction so don’t know if this sometimes happens for a legitimate reason or not. Does seem a little sketchy on the surface. I think you should make a direct inquiry to the administration of this site. That way if it doesn’t sound right it might trigger an investigation on their part. After all, even an appearance of impropriety isn’t good.


Hey @metal

None of our storage vendors handle their auctions in this way.

I just checked your account, and I can see that you have never won an auction with bid13. Is it possible that you are confusing us with another storage auction website? or perhaps you have a second account? Can you tell me the name of the facility you purchased this unit at and the unit number?


This is why I said it should be reported to admin. I’m glad to hear it can’t be any vendor on this sight. Thanks to administration for looking into this.


I’m bidding at 10 dollar increments like the site request but I’m always outdone by $1 from somebody else I don’t get it why do they get a beat me by $1 but it did man’s that I have a $10 minimum

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Hi Artfoust

If your maximum amount is higher than the previous bidder’s maximum, the auction price will increase to $1 higher than the previous bidders maximum. If your maximum is lower than the previous bidders maximum, you will be automatically outbid by the previous bidder, for $1 higher than your maximum. Originally when this user placed their max bid they were held to the same restriction as you were, they had to place a bid of at least $10 over the current price.

Here is an example of how proxy bidding works:

We have two users, Dave and Ted.
A new storage auction begins at $10.
Dave places a maximum bid of $100.
The final auction price is now: $11.
Ted comes along and tries to outbid Dave, so Ted places a max bid of $50.
Ted has not outbid Dave (because $50 is less than Dave’s max bid).
Ted will receive a notification informing him that he has been automatically outbid.
Dave is still the winner, and the system auto bids on Dave’s behalf.
The final auction price is now: $51.
Ted decides to place another bid, this time he sets his maximum bid for $250.
Ted is now the highest bidder.
Dave will now receive an email, informing him he as been outbid and is no longer the highest bidder.
The final auction price is now: $101.

Now, if the auction timer ran out at this moment. It is important to note that although Ted set his maximum bid for $250, he will only have to pay $101, because that was the current final auction price when the timer ran out.

For more questions about the site or our bidding system please check out are FAQ’s

Best Regards


Went to clean out storage locker but found it was infested with flees and mice a total waste of money

artfoust I know its hard to win some times you got to learn the game I got outbid one day am what
the clock went out my name still on there , I was still was outbid . so when you bid next time and you name still on there go to current bid and you can see if someone else outbid you the clock will restart if someone else bid . I love bid 13 I found some good things am like sitting on money off a 31 dollar unit . so next time bid higher some good unit far out thats if you willing yo drive , this is my hobby I love it

make sure the tag on it before they open it and match the number on your tag
if tag not on it call bid 13

Any facility who tries this with me gets sued!

How many ppl have you sued ?
as that seems to be your response to a lot of situations .

No one has tried to rip me off yet!

Facility should open it for you and they’re not supposed to touch anything inside the unit.