Lousy Pictures

Currently, in Ontario, there are several auctions that show just the storage unit door in most of the pictures, maybe a very poor shot or 2 of a couple of items in the locker, but really nothing to go on. There is no way I would hazard placing a bid on any of these lockers, yet I see the bidding is up in the hundreds of dollars. How can this be? Who is bidding on these things?
I can speculate and say that the facility is required by law to put the locker up for auction and has told a friend whats actually inside it, and are hiding the contents to keep other bidders out.

Bid13, could you make it a requirement that your facilities must show a true representation of what is actually in the locker so the rest of us know what we are bidding on? I’m sure this will benefit you as well.

Hello! Most facilities tend to film their Units and let the automated system save pictures for them. If they spend majority of their time filming the Unit door, the system will likely save multiple pictures of the door.

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Hello i think everything is great on your site except the pictures i dont need to see the door not 1 im bidding on the contents & if i cant see i dont bid…SO PLEASE if you have to film it better pics can be posted…i would bid alot more but i refuse to if i cant see what inside hell i seen 1 with 4 pics of the opening & 1 blurry pic of what was in there.I dont see anything wrong with the rule you cant go inside but what you can see from the door even online but you must improve the pics posted. Thank you Couch

agree with all said but also believe we need to get back to showing the breaking of the lock, several look staged!