June 30 2020 Unit r i0927 in Orangveille (ELENA)

On June 30 2020 at Vaultra Self storage in Orangeville, a storage locker was sold. So of my personal belongings as well as all my kid’s keepsakes all picture and reports cards were all in that locker as well as 2 pieces of furnicture that have been in the family for quite some time. Not alone that my father ash was in there. Please I just found out about the locker and am desperately trying to find my belongings or the person who bought the storage locker. I will pay to get these back can someone please help me.

Kind Regards,

From jun until dec is a long time . Who do you think was supposed to be paying the rent? It wasnt free was it? Sorry you lost your stuff. I have lost several units in my younger days and I know the pain and sense of loose. But at the end of the Sunday its just Stuff. You came in this world with nothing and you most assuredly will leave this world the same way. With nothing. Gather your treasures in heaven and dont put so much energy in to mourning the loose of worldly things.