Ghost unit

Walking into a unit won on a different auction site (not bid13), I noticed a bid13 tag on the ground. The lot is under new management, and said this was the first auction they had held since taking over, but that the tenant had been in since at least December.

The unit in question is a 10x22 that was mostly clear, except for some nice furniture, and large scale indoor farm equipment, grow lights, ballasts, fans, filter, ducting, etc. Worth Thousands.

So extremely curious why this unit I bought on another site had a bid13 tag, and what had been in it before, I imagine a monster score and leaving the big stuff behind.

But there is no record of this unit in the bid13 archives.
Or any units from Otis Orchards wa.

Does bid13 delete all the archived units from a storage company they no longer do business with?

My only other guess is the guy bought units and this was his unit…

But then grow equipment in Washington should be a breeze to sell, straight from the unit… Weirdness.