Banned from bidding for contacting support

I was bidding on a unit and lost by a dollar so after a couple days I called the storage facility to ask manager if the person who won had actually come and cleared out unit, because the same manager I was asking had previously told me when a winner does not come and clear out unit that it will be offered to the next highest bidder to see if they want it.

So when I called and asked she said yes the unit was claimed and cleared out, so I said OK and ended call, only to find that very unit back up for auction the next day so I called and asked why was it not offered to me since I was the the next highest bidder below the winning bidder and she stated she had nothing to do with the auctions and to contact bid 13 who puts on the auctions and that 3 people were contacted and offered the unit but no one responded.

I asked why no one contacted me because I was next in line and she said she didn’t know anything or have anything to do with it and to contact Bid13 , so I contact bid 13 and explained everything and they tell me they will get back to me but never did. When I tried to bid on a different unit at the same facility a little pop appeared and said I was banned from bidding at that facility, yet Bid13’s chat says I am only banned at that unit with no explanation. Seems I am being punished for contacting support about the facilities not so honest ways.

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I know at least for my facility, WE- as if for US-- is my boss, corporate- :closed_lock_with_key::key: are the ones to decide IF it goes to the next highest bidder or IF it goes back onto the auction schedule AGAIN. If they called and you didnt get the message or your number was different than on your BID13 profile, its possible that they went through the list, unable to get a response from one or however many people in the list- that they relisted it at that point.
You have to remember that the facility continues to lose money due to having to wait X amt of hours-48,24 whatever they have pre-decided with Bid13…BEFORE we can call the next bidder, and then wait again for a significant amt of time for each one to respond -or not. If they hadn’t responded by the end of the day to say, at the very least, that they ‘do’ or ‘do not’ want it, I could understand moving on and/or relisting to further the process as quickly as allowed. I dont know that we as on site mgrs even KNOW whether its a set amt of time that they worked out with Bid13 or an avg or however- to wait- I just know what Corporate or whoever hired Bid13 for OUR company–they decided WITH Bid13-- and we were told the rules. We follow them. But I imagine Bid 13 has either an avg time or a legal time or whatever is required that each facility must adhere to for whatever reason, either lawful or legal or average. But THEY decide, not us. (mgrs) WE decide to move on or relist THEY decide the length of time and whether it is SELLABLE AT ALL- At least that’s what I’m guessing.–whoever ‘THEY’ may be for YOU is unknown but I would definitely make sure all your info is up to date on Bid13. And then maybe just ask the facility to confirm WITH YOU if you find yourself there again. Good Luck!

Yeah, the storage facility lied to you! Bid13 is only a third party website! They do NOT handle the units themselves! The facility is handing you a load of shit! Sue the fuck out of them!